Slieverue Newsletter

The Baptism of the Lord - 12th January 2020
Priest: Very Rev. Kieran O’Shea, P.P. - Tel. 051-832773  
Slieverue Parish Office: 
For general enquiries and all bookings of Anniversary Masses, Baptisms, Weddings etc.
please tel. 051-832773 or Fr. Kieran 086 8272828
E-mail: Websites:  Diocese:    Parish: 
Parish Organist (Noel ): Mob. 085-7063811   St. Vincent de Paul Society:  Mob. 087-6256876

Baptisms -   Saturday evening 5.00 p.m.  - 3rd Saturday of each month
Confessions - After 6.00 p.m. Mass on Saturdays
Funerals  11 a.m.
All arrangements for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals to be made with
Fr. Kieran O’Shea            
Marriages - Three months notice to Church and State required                          

January Church Care - Team 4:
 Nell Guiry, Sinéad Guiry, Pat Hogan, Kathleen Kehoe, Deirdre Freyne

SINCERE THANKS  to those who contribute to the Parish Clergy Fund which pays the priests salary, and the Parish Church Fund which  is used for the upkeep of parish property, diocesan expenses, the insurance and energy costs, as well as the support of retired priests.  These regular payments maintain the service in the parish.  We are very grateful to those who give to the monthly envelope collection and the offertory collection which are used to fund the parish, as well as those who give to the six income collections for the priest.  Recently a number of families and individuals made their annual contribution -  these are most gratefully received.  Please remember if your combined contribution to the church and priest amounts to a minimum of €250 in one year it enables the parish to claim the tax paid at the agreed rate of 31% for both Self-employed and PAYE Taxpayers.  Parishioners who bring their contributions this amount would greatly benefit our parish funds.


Weekend Masses: 
Saturday:  6.00 p.m.
Sunday:  10.00 a.m.

Safeguarding Children—Policy and Standards
Policy leaflets on Safeguarding Children for the Diocese of Ossory are available for collection in the Church.  Please read these important policies and standards for Safeguarding Children in our Parish and Diocese.  Our Parish Safeguarding Representative is Mary Kenny, Nicholastown, Slieverue.  If you, or anyone you know, has a safeguarding concern or wishes to report an allegation directly to Statutory Authorities please contact the Gardai or Túsla:  
An Garda Siochána 1800-555-222    Túsla–Child and Family Agency, Waterford 051-842827   Diocesan Designated Liason Person  -  Cathal Cullen  - 0871000232


Pray For - Anniversaries:
Sat.    6 p.m.:  Stasia & Pakie Doyle, Carriganurra
Sun. 10 a.m.:  Andy Irish, Rathpatrick
Nellie Walsh, Kilmurry
Next Weekend 18th/19th January:
Sat.  6 p.m.:  Michael & Lily Frisby, Ballinamona
Sun. 10 a.m.:  Catherine & Richard Kent, Ballymountain


Getting Married:  Couples getting married must contact the civil register at least three months prior to the date of the wedding.  Also, both the bride and groom must contact their local priest.  All couples should complete a recognised pre-marriage course.  These can be arranged by contacting Accord at 056-7722674 or 051-874199 (St. John’s Pastoral Centre, Waterford). 
See website:


Eucharistic Ministers  18th/19th January:
6 p.m. Saturday:  Kiera Doyle
10 a.m. Sunday:  Patricia Drennan
Ministers of the Word 18th/19th January:
6 p.m. Saturday:  Marley Irish
10 a.m. Sunday:  Kay Howard


Collection for the upkeep of our Church and
Parish Expenses 4th/5th/6th January 2020:
   Offertory - Sat./Sun. €343.20  Mon. 6th -  Holyday - €147.15 
Thank you to all who contribute generously to all collections.

The Celebration of Baptism
From November 2019 parents who wish to have a child baptised are required to attend a pre-baptism information evening which is held on the first
Tuesday of every month except during July & August.  To book a place contact the Parish Office 051-832773/051-830813.
Baptism will be celebrated on the First Sunday of the Month at 1 pm alternating with Ferrybank every other month.  Baptism will also be celebrated on the third Sunday of the month at 5 pm in Slieverue (parents are welcome to have their child baptised in Ferrybank if that time is more convenient).  Baptism may also be celebrated at the last Mass on Sunday in the parish .  (However, a funeral takes precedence).
Baptism is celebrated only on the dates given.  The parishes reserve the right to change the dates if necessary. Please circulate dates and times 2019/2020 to family members who wish to have a baptism in Slieverue and especially those living abroad so that they can arrange to make travel arrangements to coincide with the dates available.  The dates of Baptism and Preparation Meetings are available from the Parish Office and will be placed on our Notice Board  and on our parish website.


Ministry to the Sick - If you have a family member sick at home, in hospital or in a nursing home and they would like a visit from the priest or be included on our First Friday list, please contact the Parish Office and Fr. Kieran will be happy to call.  Visitation can only be made on request of family members. 
The Sacrament of the Sick is celebrated in the Parish Church during the year and also at home.  In cases of serious illness, family members are encouraged to request a visit from the priest at an early stage.


Rome Pilgrimage - The Ossory Adult Faith Development Group are leading a pilgrimage to Rome (August 24th - 29th 2020). These days in the eternal city are an opportunity through art and sacred sites to unlock knowledge of our faith and to deepen our understanding of  God.  For information contact or 056 7753624.

On the occasion of a funeral in Ferrybank, there will be a Service of the Word and Distribution of Communion in Slieverue instead. 
On the occasion of a Funeral in Slieverue on a Friday morning, the Funeral Mass replaces the 10 a.m. Mass.

Blessed Sacrament Adoration:
Tuesday:   7.30 - 8.30 p.m.
Thursday: 2.15 - 3.15 p.m.

Altar Servers Needed!  The ministry of Altar Server is open to girls and boys from third class upwards and even into secondary school.  It might be a great way for those preparing for Confirmation to do something special for this year.  If your child would like to become an Altar Server please call to the Sacristy after Mass for an application form or to the Parish Office during the week.  Parents should be assured that safeguarding is taken very seriously and all who work with young people in the Church community are required to be Garda vetted.  It is hoped that if we get any volunteers a parents group could be formed
to help with the Altar Servers.  It would be great to have some new servers ready for action for Christmas!

Slieverue & District A.R.A.

  • Chairobics at 12.45 every Wednesday.
  • The popular Ronan Collins Show in the Tower Hotel is on February 15th. -  anyone going should please bring €55 to the February 5th monthly meeting.
  • Bingo at 2 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Blessed Sacrament Adoration
We will now have Adoration on Fridays from 10.30 a.m.—3.30 p.m. in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in Ferrybank Church.  Should there be a funeral, Adoration will begin at 11.30 a.m. on those days.  Already, Adoration takes place in Slieverue on Tuesdays 7.30 p.m. - 8.30 p.m. and Thursdays 2.15 p.m. - 3.15 p.m.  Adoration resumes in Slieverue on Thursday, January 23rd.

Confirmation:  Friday, 3rd April at 3 p.m.
First Confession:  Tuesday, 10th March at 7 p.m.
First Holy Communion:  Sunday, 10th May at 10 a.m.
Rathpatrick Cemetery Mass:  Tuesday, 23rd June at 7.30 p.m.
Slieverue Cemetery Mass:  Friday, 26th June at 7.30 p.m.

Ministers of the Word - Mass Readings
Those who are reading at Mass during January and up to 9th February can pick up their Mass leaflet with readings from the Sacristy from this weekend.