Slieverue Newsletter

  Mission Sunday - 20th October 2019
Priest: Very Rev. Kieran O’Shea, P.P. - Tel. 051-832773  
Slieverue Parish Office: 
For general enquiries and all bookings of Anniversary Masses, Baptisms, Weddings etc.
please tel. 051-832773 or Fr. Kieran 086 8272828
E-mail: Websites:  Diocese:    Parish: 
Parish Organist (Noel ): Mob. 085-7063811   St. Vincent de Paul Society:  Mob. 087-6256876

Baptisms -   Saturday evening 5.00 p.m.  - 3rd Saturday of each month
Confessions - After 6.00 p.m. Mass on Saturdays
Funerals  11 a.m.
All arrangements for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals to be made with
Fr. Kieran O’Shea            
Marriages - Three months notice to Church and State required                          

November Church Care - Team 2:
 Jim Dollard, Margaret Freyne, Anna Griffin, Mary Kenny,
Eadoin Griffin, Grace O’Brien

Weekend Masses: 
Saturday:  6.00 p.m.
Sunday:  10.00 a.m.

Safeguarding Children—Policy and Standards
Policy leaflets on Safeguarding Children for the Diocese of Ossory are available for collection in the Church.  Please read these important policies and standards for Safeguarding Children in our Parish and Diocese.  Our Parish Safeguarding Representative is Mary Kenny, Nicholastown, Slieverue.  If you, or anyone you know, has a safeguarding concern or wishes to report an allegation directly to Statutory Authorities please contact the Gardai or Túsla:  
An Garda Siochána 1800-555-222
Túsla–Child and Family Agency, Waterford 051-842827 
Diocesan Designated Liason Person  -  Cathal Cullen  - 0871000232

Pray For - Recently deceased:
Davina Jennings, The Orchard
Sat.    6 p.m.:  Rita Murphy, Mountain Road
Sun. 10 a.m.:  Bridget (Biddy) Grace (Month’s Mind)
Fri. (18th) 10 a.m.:  Mass for the people
Nellie Walsh, 11 Airmount
Next Weekend 26th/27th October:
Sat.  6 p.m.:   Ray Freyne
Sun. 10 a.m.:  Larry & Marie Canavan

Eucharistic Ministers 26th/27th October:           
   6 p.m. Saturday:  Sinéad Guiry
  10 a.m. Sunday:  Eileen O’Donovan
Ministers of the Word 26th/27th October:                         
10 a.m. Sunday:   Jerry Forrest     


On the occasion of a funeral in Ferrybank, there will be a Service of the Word and Distribution of Communion in Slieverue instead. 
On the occasion of a Funeral in Slieverue on a Friday morning, the Funeral Mass replaces the 10 a.m. Mass.
Thank you to those who have volunteered to read at Mass on Friday mornings.

Collection for the upkeep of our Church and
Parish Expenses 12th/13th October:
Envelopes €452  Offertory €376.70   Missions €35.50
Ossory Priests €50  Ossory Soc. Services €32.50
Special Ed. Needs €2.50

The Annual Collection for Ossory Social Services and for the Missions is now due  (green envelope in your box). 
The October Stations Collection for the support of your priest is due at this time.  Please note all cheques should be made payable to ‘Slieverue Clergy Account’.  Thank you to all who contribute generously to all collections.

The Celebration of Baptism
From November 2019 parents who wish to have a child baptised are required to attend a pre-baptism information evening which is held on the first Tuesday of every month except during July & August.  To book a place contact the Parish Office 051-832773/051-830813.

Baptism will be celebrated on the First Sunday of the Month at 1 pm alternating with Ferrybank every other month.  Baptism will also be celebrated on the third Sunday of the month at 5 pm in Slieverue (parents are welcome to have their child baptised in Ferrybank if that time is more convenient).  Baptism may also be celebrated at the last Mass on Sunday in the parish .  (However, a funeral takes precedence).

Baptism is celebrated only on the dates given.  The parishes reserve the right to change the dates if necessary. Please circulate dates and times 2019/2020 to family members who wish to have a baptism in Slieverue and especially those living abroad so that they can arrange to make travel arrangements to coincide with the dates available.  The dates of Baptism and Preparation Meetings are available from the Parish Office and will be placed on our Notice Board  and on our parish website.

This Year our Annual Commemoration for all our Dead will take place on
Saturday 2nd November at 6 pmSlieverue Church
This Celebration of Mass will be an opportunity to remember all our family members and friends who have died down through the years and especially those who have died during the past year and whose funerals were celebrated in the parish.  If you have a family member or friend who died outside the parish during the year please contact Angela or Marie in the Parish Office before Friday 29th October and a special candle can be arranged and their names included on the list during the ceremony.
All present on the evening will be invited to bring forward a candle after the families of the recently deceased have placed theirs.   Refreshments will be available in the Parish Hall after the Mass

Rome Pilgrimage - The Ossory Adult Faith Development Group are leading a pilgrimage to Rome (August 24th - 29th 2020). These days in the eternal city are an opportunity through art and sacred sites to unlock knowledge of our faith and to deepen our understanding of God. afd@ossory.ie056 7753624.

Unlocking the possibilities of our Pastoral Areas - All members of the Pastoral Area Councils are invited to a Morning Reflection on the many possibilities now open to parishes through the establishment of pastoral areas. Chaired by Bishop Dermot Farrell and in dialogue with Fr Albert McDonnell and some lay co-ordinators of pastoral groups from other Irish Diocese,  we will have an opportunity to reflect on how these groupings can best work together. St Kieran’s College - Saturday 26th October 11am-1pm.  All welcome.

Together we are Mission

Next weekend we celebratework of the Missions and we also focus on the fact that all of us as Baptised Christians have a Mission to live the Gospel and spread the Good ~News about Jesus by the way we live.

A second collection will be taken up next weekend to support the work of the Church's Mission throughout the world

Ministry in our Parish

A big thank you to all our Ministers who responded to our invitation to become more involved in various ministries in the Parish. The response is very encouraging! If you would like to become involved in parish ministry or would like further information please contact Fr Kieran. There are always vacancies for; Readers, Ministers of the Eucharist, Members of Baptism Team, Funeral & Bereavement Ministry etc. If you feel called don't hesitate to volunteer!

An informationwill be held shortly for those who have responded.

Data Protection Forms

Thank you to all Ministers who have returned your Data Consent Forms already. If you haven't already done so you can drop them into the Sacristy or to the Parish Office.

Book of Remembrance

A Book of remembrance will be available in the Church from this weekend where you can write the names of your loved ones who have died and who you wish to be remembered in our Novena of Masses at the beginning of November.


Together we are Mission - Baptised and Sent:  The Church of Christ on Mission in the World - Collection for the Support of the Missions:    This weekend is World Mission Weekend, a day when our entire Church family comes together for a truly incredible celebration of solidarity.  Today, every single Church around the world shares what they can, so that the vital work of the Church and our missionaries can continue.  Through your extra generosity, you are offering much needed financial help to missionaries who dedicate their lives to those who are suffering and neglected.  From all the missionaries your kindness supports, thank you for digging deeper today.

Ministry in our Parish - A big thank you to all our Ministers who responded to our invitation to become more involved in various ministries in the Parish.  The response is very encouraging!  If you would like to become involved in parish ministry or would like further information please contact Fr. Kieran.  There are always vacancies for:  Readers, Ministers of the Eucharist, members of Baptism Team, Funeral & Bereavement Ministry etc.  If you feel called, don’t hesitate to volunteer!  An information night will be held shortly for those who have responded.

A Book of Remembrance is available in the Church where you can write the names of your loved ones who have died and who you wish to be remembered in our Novena of Masses at the beginning of November.

Eigse Sliabh Rua - On Sunday November 10th, the 10am Masswith music and song will be followed by the unveiling and blessing of a monument on Church grounds to our war dead from the parish, as well as those who participated in war. Refreshments in the hall at 11am will be followed at 11.30 by Jack Burtchaellwho will interview our parishioner and war survivor James McManus.  Adm. €5. All are welcome, especially relatives and friends of our war dead. Please spread the word.

Church Choir: Having lost a number of  choir members in the past few years it would be great to find a few new members especially now that Eigse and Christmas are close. Practice on Wednesdays 6.30 to 7.15 pm.  A warm welcome awaits you. 

Monthly Family Mass -  Welcome to our families preparing for First Communion to our Masses this weekend. Our theme this month is ‘ Thanksgiving’. An ideal opportunity to reflect on the many blessings we have in our lives and the many shapes and sizes in which they come.

New Boards of Management - The process of forming new Boards of Management for our Catholic Primary Schools is now underway across the diocese. The process for nomination and election of Chairpersons, parent & teacher representatives community representatives will be carried out according to procedures stipulated in the Governance Manual for primary Schools 2019 - 2023