Cresh Leeach



This cross can be found on the right hand side of the main Waterford to New Ross road at
approx half a mile before the
Rhu Glenn Hotel.

darby o bryans cross at luffany

Darby O'Brien, junr., the sculptor, must have lived in Luffany (the next townland to Rathpatrick), where,
at a thatched dwelling-house, on the road,side, he erected the well-known
Cyesh leeach, or grey cross, to
the deceased members ,of his family, in the year I736.  Only the first letter of the Christian name and the
date of death are recorded in each instance.

Cross on graveyard wall

This cross  showing the initials DB (Darby O Bryan) can be seen at the entrance to Rathpatrick Graveyard