Slieverue Parish

           In the outside face of Rathpatrick churchyard-wall has been inserted a slab,dug up here many years ago ; it has an inscription, as follows, in Old English letters :

      Deus cui humanu genus redemptionem acceptamfert praedictoru
       miserere, 1609.

This was probably portion of Nicholas Fitzgerald's tomb described above.  Mr. Fitzgerald did not die till 1617 but he may have, as was then customary, erected his monument in his own lifetime.
About 1350 and, thence, to I540, Rathpatrick church was impropriate in the Abbess of the Nunnery of Kilkilliheen.
Rathpatrick rath is two or three fields north-west, of the church, on a rising ground, with a good outlook ; it is about 6o yds. in diameter ; the rampart is now nearly levelled, the fosse entirely so.  The field in which it is situated is called Boskeen a' vyaounya, i.e., Branra bosheen. brannra is a word in common use among Irish speakers to denote a bar, as of a window, &c. ; also a prop or support.

Ballinlaw Castle, in ancient times the property of the Earls of Ormond, was forfeited under Cromwell, in 1653 by Richard Butler, Irish Papist.
In a field by the roadside in Nicholastown, otherwise Bollia-Nicole, there are three large, rough stones standing upright in the ground ; they are called " the three friars."

KILLASPY.-IN I842, this townland, and Ballynamona, were severed from Kilmacow and added to Slieverue.  In Irish, Killaspy is called Killaspig, i.e., the Bishop's Church.
The church and graveyard have been destroyed long since,
but their site is still pointed out close to Killaspy House, in r. McGrath'sfield,
adjoining Walsh's land.

ATTATEEMORE.-This is a townland, in itself of little consequence, and yet it possesses no ordinary interest for all lovers of the history and ancient language of our country, inasmuch as it was here that the great Irish scholar and antiquary, John O'Donovan, Esq., L.L.D., first saw the light, in i8o6.
KILMURRY:  The church and graveyard here, as in Killaspy, have been long obliterated, but their site, marked on the Ordnance Map, is pointed out at Kilmurry cross-roads.  Near it, in " Lady Well field," is a holy well dedicated to the Blessed Virgin and known to Irish speakers as Thubbey-Vwizzha.  Pilgrimages were formerly made here on " Lady Day in August." Beside the well is Kilmurry castle, a small and, seemingly, very ancient,,building ; it belonged of old to the Fitzgeralds of Gurteen.


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