Currahaun and the hamlets of Corefore and Gragenegihie, parcel of the aforesaid town; Lywghvonye otherwise Luff anie, and the hamlet of Ballivooly, parcel of the said town ; and of three-fourths of Rathpatricke, and of a yearly rent Of 4s. out of the lands of Oneagh (elsewhere written Creyagh).  So seised, the said Nicholas died Sept. 29th, 16I7.  Patrick Fitzgerald, son and heir of the said Nicholas, was 50 years of age at the time of his father's death, and married.  The premises are held of the King in free and common socage, and at a yearly rent Of 26s. 8d.

Under the Cromwellian regime, John Fitzgerald, the head of the familv,forfeited Rathcleheene, Kilmurry, Gurteens,, Rathpatrick, Luffiny, Curraghmore, and Castlewood (which last is in the parish of Kilcolumb) ; Toby or Theobald Fitzgerald, at the same time, forfeited Nicholastown (otherwise " Ballinickoll ").
The following members of the family were transplanted to Connaught, Dec. 26th, 1653 :-John Fitzgerald, of Gurteenes ; Theobald Fitzgerald, of Ballywaring Nicholas Fitzgerald, of Flemingstown ; and Walter Fitzgerald, of Gallestown.
John Fitzgerald, on his transplantation, wa s assigned the lands of Turlough and other lands in the Barony of Carra, Co. Mayo ; which lands were confirmed to him by Royal letters of May 3oth, 1677 He married Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Sir John Browne, of the Neale, Co. Mayo.  He must have lived to a very great age, as his will in which he is described as " late of Mohenny, formerly of Turlough, in the County of Mayo," is dated July 23rd, I717, more than 63 years after his departure from Gurteen.  Administration with will annexed was granted to his widow, Elizabeth, July 2ISt, I720.  He was succeeded by his eldest son, Thomas Fitzgerald, born in 1661 died July, I747, from whom descends the present Charles Lionel Fitzgerald, of Turlogh Park, J.P. and D.L. for the Co. Mayo.


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