They were sprung, according to the family tradition, from Thomas fitz Maurice, who is supposed to have been a son of the Knight of Kerry, to have married the daughter and heiress of O'Dea, chieftain of Ida, and to have assumed the name of his wife's family, by which their descendants were known down to the 16th century.I The amount of truth contained in this tradition it is now impossible to determine.  That an O'Dea was ever chieftain of Ida, since the Anglo-Norman Invasion, can scarcely be accepted for a fact ; that, however, the Fitzgeralds, of Gurteen, were known as O'Deas in the 16th century, cannot be questioned.
" Thomas O'Daa, of Gurtyns, Co. Kilkenny, gent.," was pardoned, July 8th, 1549.2 As " Thomas Fitz Garrolde alias Adaye, of Grutchins, Co. Kilkenny, gent.," he also had a pardon, May 26th, I566.3 About the latter year Thomas Dav's " landes, houlden of the Mannour of the Grannagh," were valued at at 20.  " Thomas O'Da, of Gurtines, gentleman," was again pardoned, Dec. 24th, 157I.  On the 2ISt Nov., I576, pardons were granted to James fitz Edmond roe, of the Geraldynes, of Gurtyns, Co. Kilkenny, and Edmund fitz Thomas, of the Geraldines, yeomen.
Nicholas, the son of Thomas O'Dea, otherwise Fitzgerald or Geraldine, served as a juror, in I585.  On the 22nd June i588, pardons were granted to Nicholas fitz Thomas Geraldine, of Gurtins, and Walter fitz Thomas Geraldine, of same.  In i6o8 Richard Fitzgerald, of Gurtine, was one of the Coroners of Co. Kilkennv and, in the same year, Nicholas Fitzgerald was one of the Constables of the Barony of Ida.  In 1610 or 1611 Nicholas fitz Thomas, of the Garteens (11'.e., Gurteen), appears as a harbourer of the popish priest, Sir Thomas Woodlock.  By his wife, Ellen Bourke, otherwise Gaul, he was father of Patrick Fitzgerald, born I567 ; of Richard Fitzgerald, of Waterford, deceased the 25th of March, i638 ; and probably of " Theobald fitz Nicholas of the Gurtin," pardoned Aug. 15th, I599.  He died Sept. 29th, 1617 and is buried in Rathpatrick, where portion of his monument may still be seen.
By Inquisition of Aug.  I2th. 1619 was found that Nicholas Fitzgerald, of Gurtin, was seised in fee of the manor, town, and lands of Gurtins, and of the hamlet of Rathnegeragh; also of Kilmurrey otherwise Cowlefey, Ballivally, Balliboy, Ballilone, Ballentaggart and Balleandrine, parcel of Killmurrey aforesaid; Killecorkeslay and Ballangowne, parcel of same town ; Ballinickoll, and Garry-more parcel of same town

' The Geraldines of the Co. -Kilkenny by G. D. Burtchaell, M.A.
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